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Company Overview

Company Providing SI, IT to customers for those who have already succeeded and wish to succeed with its various applications and impacts, High tech is being considered as one of the factors that determine nations future, success or failure.

Thus, all countries are competing each other in SI, IT R&D and policies. Service industry has been grown consistently and its trend is focusing on customer satisfaction, trust and management system in addition, today's business managerment demands better systemized control to deal with labor costs and external factors.

AwsumSolution(IS2.LLC) primary goal from its R&D Since 1988 experiences is to provide management efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility with infra structure, and education system strength equipped with SI, IT solutions.

AwsumSolution | R&D Since 1988


XML Web Service

XML Web Service uses fundamental protocols like HTTP, XML, XSD, SOAP, and WSDL, which can be extended.

Safety of Database

Even unexpected POS server shutdown, data are still safe. All the typed data are stored in backup file, so the data can be use safely even though unusual errors(shutdown, blackout) happen.

Discount Policy

Mix And Match, Buy X Get Y For Z, Discount Qty For Pricing, Discount On Time, Discount Event,Price Reservation,Block Sales,Recall Service

24hours Operation

If business hours set up at dawn, it saves preview day's sales.

Kitchen Ord Screen

Basically, 8 printers are supplied in the kitchen, and users can set up the basic functions.When the default printer does not work, it automatically prints out from different printer, so the risk can be reduced.

System Formation

You can set different menu formations in each POS.You can set different screen formations in each POS. (#1: Retail POS, #2:Table Service Etc...)


We use a private brand for the main framework allows for, quick response for client's requirements.

E-Mail Service

You can establish the Mileage service for sales amounts, and can use ONE CARD system for fixed-term members or coupon members. E-Mail service


AwsumSolution | R&D Since 1988

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